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Let us go forth awhile, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our close rooms…. The game of ball is glorious.


“The idea of putting literature in second place, after politics, is an enormous mistake, because politics almost never achieves its ideals. Literature, on the other hand, in its own field can achieve something and in the very long run can also have some practical effect. By now I have come to believe that important things are achieved only through very slow processes.”

Paris Review conversation with Italo Calvino. Pair with Calvino’s heartening new year’s resolution, his wisdom on writing, and his thoughts on America. (via explore-blog)

I like Ezra Pound’s perspective, too. This is from ABC of Reading.

If a nation’s literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays.

Your legislators can’t legislate for the public good, your commander can’t command, your populace (if you be a democratic country) can’t instruct it’s ‘representatives’ save by language.


“Once you have a point of view all history will back you up.”

Van Wyck Brooks, America’s Coming-of-Age (via)

Puts me in mind of Emerson: Once you have made a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.




"Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommending a person."

Is this the best saying ever, or is this the best saying ever? Bonus points for whoever identifies its originator. 

Meanwhile, be the person recommended by the best books of the year



so someone once called my old english teacher immature (because at this point he was spinning around on a wheely chair) and he said:

"Yeah, but the truth is we never really grow up. We just masquerade as adults because that’s what we’re expected to do."

and to this day that is the single most profound thing i have ever heard uttered by someone dicking around on a swivel chair


Sherpaa's killer feature


Some doctors email. But their main priority and financial incentive is seeing patients in their office because that’s how they get paid. One of our investors recently said he invested because of one simple realization: “you can email a doctor.”

Of course that’s important. However, that’s only…

A doctor speaks out in favor of using email for communication with patients.



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